Digital transformation. The biggest market opportunity ever for the adaptive business or organisation. Our mission is to create business value by tech driven innovation.


All game changer client implementations of tech driven customer experience - process automation - process execution


One stop shop and specialized expert solutions combined.

Combined Excellence

We have combined the most skilled experts in major diciplins in order to excel in the digital transformation journey.

Customer success proof

A digital transformation network to enable the best transformation journey for our customers. We believe that client success stories attracts new clients and talents.

Insight - Strategy - Concept - Implementation - Operations

We can provide insight, strategy, concept, implementation and operational expertise together with our brands and partners.

Our Brands

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Your future business - by our digital passion

We are a long-term partner for companies and organizations who wants to start their digital journey, but also for those looking to continue expanding their digital business. That has been our ambition since we founded Ninetech in 1993. Our clients can be found in a variety of industries. They do, however, have a couple of things in common - a curiosity and a will to create change and improvement in their businesses.


Automation through digital transformation

Netgain helps companies in the IT and shared services sector with automation and digitization of their business processes. Netgain provides system support and expertise in planning and automation. This includes IT systems that manage project resources, ordering and self-service of services and planning.


The pure definition of quality future proof IT

Digital transformation requires tech and IT solutions cloud based or cloud ready. Scalable, reliable and economic acceptable. If you add secure and high performance. You have our skill in a box. CloudPro, the pure definition of high quality and future proof IT.


Web and e-com services for world class customer experiences

Our platform creates a dynamic service and tool for creating and or growing your business. Single channel solutions for the digital challenge or omni channel demands. We have the solution.


Two empower your business

At Two, we put the relationship with our customers first and we value cooperation in order to make our customers successful. With long-term partnership as the foundation we are convinced that we can provide our customers with sustainable business solutions that help them meet their goals.


Integration and Automation

Automation through microsoft identity manager. Expert solutions that drives your digital transformation forward in a reliable and secure manner.


All about mobile management

Experts on tech driven enterprise mobile device management. Not only for users and devices but also in a senior advisory role.


Cloud Power

Agile scaling - solid performance. Automated, high available and secure power in the cloud with high performance VPS, servers and containers that scale on demand, manually or automatically. Market leading services and customer experience makes beebyte the next generation cloud service and hosting provider. Embrace tomorrow by firing up your subscription today.


Thought leaders
Competitive edge in brand positioning and competence.

Customer success
Client success stories attracts new clients and talent.

Strong partnerships as a foundation
Full service partner in project delivery and operations.

Commercial proof
Market competition ensures up to date go to market services and delivery.

IPO Ready
We are aiming for IPO readiness by 2018. Our financial reports meets the IFRS regulations since fiscal year 2014.

A platform to start, run
and grow your business

Attract and grow talent & entrepreneurs

Investor Relations

Figures and facts fiscal year 2015 - 2016

176 000 000 SEK

Total sales

161 FTE

Average number of employees

7 233 000 SEK


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